Custom Activewear

Custom Ink's Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular activewear brands?
Custom Ink is happy to offer activewear from some of the most popular brands, including Nike, New Era, Badger, OGIO, Adidas, Champion, Under Armour, and more. Create quality custom team gear with a wide selection of apparel and accessories from brands everyone loves.
Can I add names and numbers to my custom team gear?
Yes! Adding names and numbers to your team gear is a breeze thanks to Custom Ink's Design Lab. Once you've perfected your design, select the "Add Names" tab on the left-hand side of the lab. First, decide if you want to add team names, numbers, or both by checking the corresponding boxes. Select where you'd like the numbers and names to go, the size of the font, and even the color. After that, you'll be prompted to enter each team member's name, number, and even shirt size!
Which printing method is best for custom activewear?
t's important to clearly see names, numbers, and logos on activewear, so all of our custom team gear orders are screen printed. Screen printing is ideal when it comes to super clear and easy-to-read designs, so you can trust that your custom team gear will be printed for maximum visibility.
How much does custom activewear cost?
Thanks to Custom Ink’s all-inclusive pricing, you’ll know the price upfront based on three things: the type of activewear you select, the number of ink colors in your design, and the total number of items in your order. The more custom team gear you order, the lower your price will be per shirt! Other factors, such as adding personalization, can change your price, but our team is ready to help you through every step of the ordering process